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Every so often we come across a project that, unfortunately, was originally done so poorly that we have no choice but to start again. 

Our aim in this project was to rollout a turnkey security and access control solution in a short 6 week time frame. This included all cabling, hardware installation, programming and commissioning. Some 22,000m of cable was used to connect 60+ doors to a new DDS access control system, 100+ Honeywell alarm intrusion zones and 8+ Dahua CCTV cameras. Because this was an existing building we had to negotiate tough access for cables, old doors and hardware, and removing of the old security system.  

The key to this project going as smoothly as possible was a detailed system design, and a strong relationship with our suppliers to provide onsite support in a timely fashion. 

Like with any system of this scale we also needed to build in capacity for future expansion, and, since the systems was first installed it has now doubled in size and there is still room for future growth. 

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