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One of our spectacular Krix Dolby Atmos Home Cinemas, we were able to manage this room from start to finish.


There were a few design hurdles to overcome; this room is right next to a bedroom and noise escape was a big concern. The room was built as a shell and lined with acoustic insulation as well as sound absorbing gyprock. We then build additional walls for the front speakers as well as the wall between the adjacent bedroom. This allowed us to create 2 full 90mm insulated stud walls with an air gap between the two rooms. Additionally we worked with the HVAC contractors to create a return air system behind the DVD shelf that spirals into the ceiling and out into the hallway. This allows for fresh air into the room without sound escaping through the duct. Once the room was painted with Resene Theater Black Matt paint, we then arranged for acoustic underlay and a plush carpet to be installed on the floor and 900mm up the walls. This also helped in minimizing reflections in the room particularly with the high 3.6m ceiling. Our last touch was acoustic posters with sound absorption properties. 


This room is equipped with a KRIX MX20 Infinite Baffle wall behind a 120" Anamorphic (235:1) screen. The surround speakers are KRIX Phonix Flat on wall speakers and KRIX Atmospherix A20 Atmos effects speakers. These speakers are driven by an ANTHEM MRX1120 11.2 channel receiver and the passive subs are powered by a Yamaha PX8 2 channel 1050Watt amplifier. The projector is the Epson TW9400 using a Bullettrain Optic HDMI cable. We also installed a SONY UHD player and a 4K Apple TV. The room is controlled by a CRESTRON Home processor and CBUS lighting. 

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